Department of Consumer Affairs

DCA Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

All Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) employees are required to receive biennial Sexual Harassment Prevention (SHP) training in accordance with the DCA SHP Policy (EEO 12-01) and to ensure compliance with Assembly Bill (AB) 1825 (Reyes, Chapter 933, Statutes of 2004). The training is mandatory for Rank and File employees, Temporary employees (Retired Annuitants, Proctors, Seasonal, and Student Assistants), Managers, Supervisors, Board, and Commission Members.

In accordance with CA Code of Regulations, ยง11024 Sexual Harassment Training and Education, DCA has chosen the "mandatory training year" method to track SHP training compliance. This means that all DCA employees are required to coordinate their training to fit "compliance years," which for DCA are the odd numbered years. Since 2019 is a compliance year, all DCA employees, Managers, Supervisors, Board, and Commission members are required to complete the training within this year.

Upon completion of the two-hour course, employees should:

There are several ways to fulfill this training requirement:

  1. Completion of the below DCA Sexual Harassment Prevention tutorial fulfills this training requirement. Click here to start the SEXUAL HARASSMENT PREVENTION TUTORIAL.
  2. The DCA provides reasonable accommodations for employees with disabilities to participate in training. Please contact the Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Office at (916) 574-8280 or if you require a reasonable accommodation to participate in the SHP tutorial.
  3. A list of SHP training providers is included below. Please follow the registration instructions for each provider. For those that charge a fee, a fully executed service contract will need to be in place prior to an employee attending training. Please contact John Steele, BSO Non-IT Contracts Liaison at (916) 574-7294 for assistance with contract development.


DCA Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Tutorial DCA SOLID Training Solutions Free Online
DCA SHP Tutorial (with captions)      
Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for Managers and Supervisors Department of Fair Employment and Housing $55.00 Webinar
Maintaining a Respectful Work Environment: EEO Compliance (AB 1825) Shaw Law Group, PC
425 University Ave., Ste. 200
Sacramento, CA 95825
(916) 640-2240
$85.00 Classroom or Online
2-Hour Online California Harassment Prevention Training - Supervisor Version CalChamber
(800) 331-8877
$43.99 Online

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